Review of Stray Dog Single by Mike Rosenberg Band

Mike Rosenberg Band
Stray Dog
Single Review

Mike Rosenberg Band Stray Dog Single

Naming your band after yourself rather than trusting your own name smacks of anthemic MOR rock pap selling out sit down gigs at an American College near you. And Dave Matthews has a lot to answer for for that reason alone. The reason I was apprehensive to put this in my CD tray. Thankfully what follows sounds like a solo member of Ladysmith Black Mambazo crooning of well plucked acoustica with some atmospheric computer bassy bits and orchestral accompaniment. It's like that folktronica that dreadlocked folks like trying to burst out and go a bit pop and it sounds lovely. If this band were called Squashnuts or Weeblesqueak I'd recommend them to you thoroughly, but memories of Dave are still making me shudder.

John McGee

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