British music icon Mike Oldfield had addressed domestic violence in songs on his new album after researching his tragic mother's troubled youth and her descent into madness.
The Tubular Bells mastermind tells the Daily Express newspaper he is working on his first rock album with lyrics - and some of the themes will be dark and personal.
His mother's addiction issues and mental health problems led to a hellish upbringing for young Oldfield and he turned to music as his escape - but he has been left scarred by the memories.
He tells the Express, "A lot of my psychological problems were due to witnessing terrible scenes of suffering and conflict to do with my mother and her mental disturbance."
She died when the rock star was 19 and Oldfield still believes she committed suicide.
Years later he hired private detectives to dig up information about his mother’s family in an effort to discover what drove her to addiction and he learned she and her siblings had all suffered psychological problems, which he believes are connected to his grandfather - a soldier who never recovered from the horrors of the first World War.