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Cameron Diaz's 'Shrek' Secret

Cameron Diaz doesn't want anyone to know she is princess Fiona in Shrek. The actress voices the ginger haired green Ogress in the film series, but doesn't like people to tell their children, so as...

Brad Pitt's Loaded Role

Brad Pitt was drunk when he agreed to star in his new movie.The star, whose movie 'Inglourious Basterds' debuted at the Cannes Film Festival last night (20.05.09), accepted the part after a raucous night out...

Myers Accused By Doctor Of Excessive Masturbation

Comedian MIKE MYERS was baffled when a recent trip to the doctor ended with an unusual diagnosis - excessive masturbation. The Love Guru star was traveling in Greece when he became ill after eating a...

Fascinating Mtv Movie Awards Facts:

MTV Movie Awards host MIKE MYERS reunited with WAYNE'S WORLD co-star DANA CARVEY to recreate the comedy duo for a skit at the ceremony on Sunday (1Jun08). It's the first time the pair have played...

Myers: 'Dieter Lawsuit Was A Misunderstanding'

U.S. funnyman MIKE MYERS has dismissed a legal wrangle with Universal Studios in 2000 as a simple misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion. The Austin Powers actor was sued by the movie house after...

Myers' Expensive Shrek Voice Change

SHREK star MIKE MYERS ditched the animated character's Canadian accent for a Scottish voice midway through the original movie - forcing film-maker STEVEN SPIELBERG to pay out an extra $900,000 (GBP500,000). The comic actor...

Shrek 2 Sets Record

Animated sequel SHREK 2 has taken more than $11.8 million (GBP6.7 million) on its first day of release, smashing American box office records. The film now boasts the biggest midweek opening to date for...

J.lo Ducks Out Of Gunge Attack

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ disappointed young fans desperate to see her covered in gunge, by pulling out of a messy stunt at the NICKELODEON KIDS CHOICE AWARDS on Saturday night (4APR04). The actress had agreed...

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