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17th April 2014

Fact: British directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach will go head-to-head in the competition at this year's (14) Cannes Film Festival in France. Leigh's film Mr. Turner and Loach's Jimmy's Hall will both compete, along with other movies including David Cronenberg's Map to the Stars, featuring Robert Pattinson, and The Homesman, directed by actor Tommy Lee Jones. The event runs from 14 May (14) to 25 May (14).

8th December 2010

Fact: British director Mike Leigh is returning to his theatre roots for the first time in five years. The Vera Drake filmmaker will direct an improvised play starring Lesley Manville for Britain's National Theatre next year (11).

10th August 2010

Quote: "He's one of the funniest people I've ever met. He tells jokes. There are actors who tell jokes and are boring, but he's a scream. You may find this surprising because he plays so many characters without a sense of humour, but that's part of his extraordinary versatility." Director Mike Leigh insists SHERLOCK HOLMES actor Eddie Marsan is a laugh behind the scenes.

6th June 2008

Quote: "I'll go on until I drop. Even after I am dead I'll carry on making films." Moviemaker Mike Leigh will continue to make films beyond the grave.

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