Netflix and Marvel have been enjoying huge success with their slate of original superhero shows on the streaming service, and the second season of Mike Colter-led 'Luke Cage' recently dropped on the platform. Seeing the character go up against a new villain in Bushmaster, the door was of course left open for a third season, which we imagine will be dropping in the next couple of years.

Mike Colter plays Marvel superhero Luke Cage in Netflix's original seriesMike Colter plays Marvel superhero Luke Cage in Netflix's original series

As for where the story goes from here, that's anybody's guess, as Netflix like to keep their cards close to their chest. We imagine lots of ideas are being floated around behind-the-scenes, but a recent suggestion by Colter may be something that would take even the most inventive of creatives working on the show by surprise.

Speaking with TMZ at LAX airport, the actor was asked who he'd like to cameo in a future season of 'Luke Cage', to which he responded: "I think he [Barack Obama] can cameo in anything he wants to."

"We shoot in Harlem, we got a lot of good places to eat. Maybe he can come and do a cameo and have a bite to eat," he continued.

On whether Obama would play a hero or a villain however, Colter went for the surprising choice: "He's been a hero for a long time, maybe he can be a villain this time," he joked. Now that would be something exciting to see!

Though the chances of a former President like Obama being a part of a show like 'Luke Cage' seem slim, he and his wife Michelle Obama did recently sign a production deal with Netflix to produce their own fiction and non-fiction series and films, so who knows?

Perhaps one day we really will see POTUS 44 suited up and ready to fight crime on the streets of Harlem alongside Luke Cage... or maybe even suited up and serving as an adversary to the Marvel fan-favourite.

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'Luke Cage' seasons 1-2 are available to stream now, exclusively on Netflix.