There's no denying the incredible response that Marvel's 'Luke Cage' saw upon its first season release on Netflix. Following in the vein of 'Daredevil' and 'Jessica Jones', the show introduced the bulletproof hero as he battled against some of the biggest threats to his home in New York.

Luke Cage could be in trouble in 'Marvel's The Defenders'Luke Cage could be in trouble in 'Marvel's The Defenders'

Making his return a little later this year as part of 'Marvel's The Defenders' - where he'll team up with Daredevil and Jessica Jones alongside Iron Fist - the actor this weekend took part in the panel for the show at San Diego Comic Con. While there, he also spoke about the confirmed second season of 'Luke Cage' and what people should expect when it eventually makes its way to Netflix.

Praising the crew who work on creating the show, he said: "The writing this season has been very unique because we know the show now. We know the world that we’re in and we know sort of what works and what doesn’t work and we’re just gonna double down on that stuff, so look forward to a very exciting and very relevant and pop culture-heavy show."

Having been unafraid to address social injustices in the past, fans will be expecting that to continue when the show makes its return. There are also rumours that the comments about the show being "pop culture-heavy" could be in reference to making the Marvel Television world a larger part of the overriding Marvel Universe, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe making a bigger impact than it has done in the past.

With Colter also confident in the fact that those behind-the-scenes now "know the show", we imagine everything that's come before and been a success with viewers will be doubled-down on, meaning more action, more addressing of formerly taboo topics and a lot of drama.

Whatever the case may be, there could be quite a long wait for 'Luke Cage' season 2, with another season of 'Daredevil' and 'Jessica Jones' first expected, as well as 'The Defenders' and Jon Bernthal-led series 'The Punisher'.

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'Marvel's The Defenders' premieres on Netflix on August 18, with a premiere date for 'Luke Cage' season 2 yet to be announced.