Singer Miguel is facing legal action after he attempted to spring across a crowd of fans but fell short, landing on Khyati Shah, who was standing in the audience at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on 19th May.

Miguel, born Miguel Jontel Pimental, carried on performing after he misjudged his cross-stage leap, crashing into Shah with force and trapping her underneath his outstretched leg as she was slammed on to the stage.

Shah, who was interviewed with Miguel after the incident was smiling as she held an icepack on her elbow. Miguel took to Twitter to smooth things over, calling her his "new friend."

However the victim decided has decided to take legal action after fears she may be brain damaged. Her attorney, Vip Bhola, explained the client could be suffering brain damage after the accident: "Some of the difficulties she's experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury."

The lawyer also criticises BMA's response to the incident - giving injured Shah an icepack instead of rushing her to hospital. Speaking to TMZ, Bhola says his client is waiting for test results from a neurologist - due in next week - before deciding whether to pursue the lawsuit.

Despite receiving a nomination for 'Top R&B Song' as well as performing his song, 'Adorn' at the 25th BMAs, 27 year-old Miguel didn't go home with an award, losing out to Rihanna with her track, 'Diamonds.' This will only further his embarrassment at the events of the evening, especially now the video of his failed leap has become viral - the LA singer has a dubious track record after a recent Twitter race rant provoked furious reaction (

Until the neurologist's results are in, Miguel can only pray, for the sake of his reputation as a performer, that the girl he dived on is given the all-clear.

Miguel Miguel At The Billboard Awards 2013

Miguel May Well Be In Trouble For His Billboard Awards Dive