Midge Ure missed Bob Geldof's wedding.

Although the Live Aid founders have been close friends for years, Midge admitted he didn't make it to Bob's wedding to French actress Jeanne Marine in September because he was working.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the Q Awards at London's Grosvenor House hotel on Monday (19.10.15), Midge said: ''I wasn't at the wedding, I was working. I texted him when he sent me the invite and I was like, 'Only you could get married in the middle of nowhere.'

Bob messaged me back and said, 'What you've never heard of the South of France?'''

When asked what present he bought for the happy couple, Midge said: ''I didn't get him a present, he's had my friendship for years what more does he want?''

Bob - who was previously married to late TV presenter Paula Yates - admitted in the past he never expected to find love again after splitting from his first wife.

He said: ''I love her. I thought I would never get this again.

''It was an improbable encounter between a woman who doesn't speak English and a boy who doesn't speak French, between a stunning, beautiful woman and a ruined, ruined man.''