Micky Flanagan played a sold out 400 capacity venue at London's Leicester Square Theatre in anticipation of his 2017 UK and Ireland tour An' Another Fing.

Micky Flanagan

Playing a colossal 13 dates in London alone, to nearly 250,000 people, Flanagan's material mainly involved what he has been up to since taking a year off from the limelight including observing building sites, midday drinking and creating uneasiness amongst customers in corner shops.

Flanagan was one of the first comedians I had seen in 2012 playing a small and intimate show at 200 capacity Pleasance Theatre, since then he's embarked on several tours and is one of the most recognisable comedians in the UK today.

Keeping topical, no subjects were left behind with brief mentions of the women's march, Trump's inauguration and celebrity deaths of 2016.

The Bethnal Green comedian interacted with members of the front row having a cabbie's knowledge of the east end and relating to audience member's various hometowns. Flanagan's wife was mentioned heavily throughout the show often depicting her as a goddess throughout their 16 year marriage.

Since his last DVD (The Back In The Game Tour) the comedian jokily depicts of how he is 'rolling in money' since touring and how he can do whatever he wants now fame has come. Proving his ability to make absolutely anything funny, Flanagan managed to make a full 10 minute routine on BBC programme Eat Well for Less? which sees families across the UK reduce their food bills with help from Gregg Wallace - the comedian's impression of Wallace is uncanny.

It's clear to see that the 54 year old comedian is back at his best and able as ever to put audiences in continual fits of laughter during his 90 minute show.