Celebrities supporting political figures is nothing new. Filmstars and politicians go hand in hand - a B-Movie actor once became president of the United States, and the Governor of California is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, yet sometimes, it can surprise you as to just who is supporting who.

Mickey Rourke Supports George W Bush's Iraq Policy
Mickey Rourke Supports George W Bush's Iraq Policy 

Mickey Rourke, the actor behind Marv in 'Sin City', has pledged his support to US President George W Bush, suggesting that his controversial foreign policy towards Iraq was entirely justified. Despite being formerly seen as being outspoken, Rourke has spoken about how Bush made a difficult decision during a difficult time, which is supposedly a powerful and important position. 

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The former boxer, who became an actor in the late 1970s, explained: "George is doing a hell of a job during very difficult times, more power to him." He further went on to send a message to anyone in opposition to Bush, saying: "Screw all them people who don't like him."

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