Mickey Rourke has blamed his abusive stepfather for his drink and drug problems.
The 57 year old made a triumphant return to the big screen last year (08), with a starring role in The Wrestler, after more than a decade in the Hollywood wilderness battling drug addiction and alcoholism.
And Rourke is sure that his substance abuse issues are all down to his mother Ann's second husband - police officer Eugene Addis - who regularly beat the actor when he was younger.
He says, "My stepfather used to crack my head just because he felt like it. He was physically abusive to my mother. I hated the f**ker for hurting her, for making her afraid. For years, I wanted nothing more than to take him down.
"When I was an adult, I would fight everywhere, anywhere, for anything, I think it was related to my stepfather. I was drinking and taking drugs. I was angry and crazy and ashamed. I'd been kicked around a lot, so I figured the way to fix this was to lash out."