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11th June 2012

Quote: "It was like being in a waxworks museum that had come to life. I sat with them having my picture taken thinking 'I'm from Gloucester! What the hell is this all about?'" British actor Simon Pegg was starstruck as he sat alongside famous faces including Mickey Rooney, Kirk Douglas and Martin Scorsese for Paramount Studios' 'class' photo to celebrate the company's 100th birthday.

18th January 2011

Fact: Mickey Rooney's son MICHAEL is working as the choreographer for the upcoming MUPPETS movie.

23rd February 2009

Quote: "The secret to longevity is... keep breathing." Actor Mickey Rooney on how he keeps going at the grand old age of 56.

29th August 2008

Fact: Harrison Ford and Mickey Rooney were among the initial cast choices for beloved U.S. sitcom ALL IN THE FAMILY. Rooney passed because he didn't want to play bigoted ARCHIE BUNKER and Ford turned down the role of son-in-law 'MEATHEAD'. The roles eventually went to CARROLL O'CONNOR and When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner

10th December 2007

Quote: "I can't deal with that stuff. I mean, you have iPods and stripods and phones. Jan has a phone, but I don't want one." Mickey Rooney shuns modern technology, while his actress wife JAN CHAMBERLIN embraces it.

7th June 2006

Quote: "I'm feeling great. This is one Rooney who is fully fit." Veteran actor Mickey Rooney, 85, jokes he is in better health than his England soccer namesake WAYNE, who is currently recovering from a foot injury and may not be able to play in the World Cup, which starts on Friday (09JUN06).

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