Mickey Rooney's will has been approved by a judge.

The 93-year-old actor - who passed away in April 2014 - had left most of his estate to his stepson and carer Mark Aber, prompting his biological children to contest his last wishes, but after they dropped their objections, Superior Court Judge David Cowan has now confirmed attorney and conservator Michael Augustine as administrator of the 'Andy Hardy' star's ''modest'' affairs.

Michael's lawyer, Bruce S. Ross, wrote in a statement: ''We are deeply gratified that Mr. Rooney's final wishes have been ratified and that his legacy will be honoured by those Mr. Rooney selected.

''I know that he would have been pleased with the outcome.''

Mickey's eight biological children had previously filed a legal bid against the will after the actor left his $18,000 estate to Mark and alleged Michael had helped the carer manipulate their father.

Their court documents read: ''Decedent's health was failing and he was of very advanced age; Respondent had come to be the court appointed conservator of the estate and person of Decedent after a long and traumatic period in his life involving elder abuse.

''During this period, Respondent acted in concert with Aber, Decedent's stepson, who occupied a position of trust and confidence as the caretaker of Decedent and who, during this period, lived with Decedent along with Aber's wife, Charlene Aber, before and up to the time of Decedent's death... Decedent reposed trust and confidence in Aber.''

The documents further claimed the conservator and Mickey's stepson were able to convince him what to write in his will.

Though Mickey had just $18,000 in the bank when he died, he is worth more through residuals and royalties.

He disinherited wife Janice because she will receive Social Security and some of his pension benefits, which total about $8,400 a month.