Mickey Rooney's children are reportedly contesting his will.

It was revealed last week that the late actor - who died aged 93 earlier this month - had left his entire modest $18,000 estate to his stepson and carer Mark Aber, but his wife Janice and eight children are said to be unhappy with the arrangement and are seeking legal advice.

Janice - who was married to the former child star for 35 years - is claiming the will is invalid as it was made just a month before the 'Night at the Museum' star passed away, when he wasn't in a fit frame of mind to compose such a document.

And Mickey's children, headed by his daughters Kimmy Sue and Kelly Ann, have asked for the will to be examined by legal experts.

A source told RadarOnline.com: ''Kimmy Sue especially feels hard done by. She was the only biological child that Mickey was close to, so she's furious to be cut out for a stepson who's only been on the scene a few years.

''There's little love lost between the kids and Jan, and her son Chris, but they all agree that it shouldn't be going to Mark. That's the last person it should be going to.''

Though Mickey had just $18,000 in the bank when he died, he is worth more through residuals and royalties.

He disinherited Janice because she will receive Social Security and some of his pension benefits, which total about $8,400 a month.