Mickey Rooney has left a modest estate of $18,000 to just his stepson, Mark Aber and his wife Charlene. The late actor and former child star disinherited his eight surviving children, as well as his estranged wife in his will, which was written in March. The Breakfast At Tiffany's filmstar died aged 93 on Monday after a long illness, despite having planned to appear in more movies.

Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney Died On Monday After A Long Illness.

A massive movie draw back in his 1930's and '40s heyday, Rooney became one of the highest earning stars in Hollywood but was a product of the industry's old studio system and therefore was not entitled to hefty royalty payments from his extensive filmography. He felt it was appropriate to bequeath Aber, who had been his caretaker, all he had left. Rooney reportedly felt that his children were in better financial situations than the actor and ruled that he did not want any relative handling his final affairs.

Mickey Jan Rooney
The Actor's Will States That His Estranged Wife Jan Will Not Receive Any Of Rooney's Estate.

The actor designated lawyer Michael Augustine to serve as the executor of his estate, according to The Guardian. Jan will remain the beneficiary of the Night At The Museum actor's pensions and Social Security, as per a prior settlement covering his 2012 marital separation. Rooney apparently felt that settlement provided adequate care for her, Augustine explained.

Augustine also said that Rooney owned a burial plot in Westlake Village, north-west of Los Angeles, but had stated recently that he wanted to be buried in Hollywood or a veterans' cemetery. "We were going to buy plots," Augustine said, explaining that the actor "didn't have any money."

Mickey Rooney Has Died
Rooney's Body Is Being Kept Under Lock And Key Until Friday's Hearing.

A battle over Rooney's body erupted on Tuesday when his lawyer rushed to court asking for an emergency order barring Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles from releasing his remains to Jan Rooney, according to NY Daily News. The lawyers argued that Janice and her biological son Chris Aber, who was sued by Mickey in 2011 for alleged mistreatment, were "attempting to remove" the actor's remains "against the decedent's express wishes." Rooney's body is being kept secured until a scheduled hearing on Friday.

Augustine said the family are planning a small private service but are also hoping for a larger celebration of Rooney's life and career.

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