The Rolling Stones ticket prices are out, ready for scrutiny and complaints, and boy have we got some complaining to do. £950 you say? Oh okay fine we’ll take two.

The news that those shiny pieces of paper and card that will grant you access to the rock 'n' roll fantasies of many will cost somewhere near a grand has come as no real surprise. And you guys without the corporate accounts and Mercedes king rings; you’ll get in on the cheap, as the lowest price tickets will be £90. "Everybody loves a celebration, and London and New York are two good places to do it in," said Sir Mick Jagger, according to The Telegraph. And who could disagree? NYC and London are both stellar locales, but it’s the entrance fee we’re moaning about, Mick. Tickets for the shows will come with a hefty price tag, with a face value ranging from £375 down to £90 for the O2 shows, and to boot: a "VIP hospitality" package announced today will cost gig-goers £950 per head, including "premium tickets", a champagne reception and a three-course dinner. It really should include a limo ride and a game of checkers with the lads, for that price.

Anyway, there’s the bottom line; if you want to see one of the biggest events of the year, where possibly the most successful Rock 'n' Roll band of all time reunite for one last show, then you’ll have to not only be as quick as Keith Richards on the guitar, but as flash as Jagger on the mini-bar*.

*In his hey-day, we hasten to add.