Well, The Rolling Stones tour is on; the band have announced performances on November 25th and 29th at London's O2 Arena and December 13th and 15th at Newark's Prudential Center for 50 and Counting . . . The Rolling Stones Live. Is this perhaps the most anticipated ‘last ever gig’?

Ticket prices would certainly suggest it is: starting at a Christmas present sized $98.50 to a gargantuan, obese $813 – a sum fit for platinum anniversaries and dying wishes, and the recipients of those would look out of place at a Rock ‘n Roll concert. It’s a classic, isn’t it? One last job; Mick Jagger is doing one last job, like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven or Al Pacino in Heat. But is this what we’ve all been waiting for? Is this comeback tour the most anticipated ever? Well, Blur spring to mind, alongside fellow British 90’s superstars The Stone Roses, who both recently performed sell-out tours as the credits roll on their gigging days. Led Zeppelin, too; they’ve recently angered a lot of fans, and been riled up themselves, with their lack of reunification, but their last ever U.K gig was beamed to something like 20 million fans in cinemas, and the whole shebang is being made into a DVD for Zeppalites to savour forever. But do any of these really compare to Jagger et al cutting rough lines into the sky with their pure sex appeal? No.

A ticket for the Rolling Stones tour is officially the hottest, and the most expensive in town, unless you want to go to space with Richard Branson or buy an island, or something. Good luck getting one though, as they’ll sell out quicker than Glastonbury did. Hang on, The Rolling Stones at Glasto? For one last job!?