So who shelled out $651 for a Rolling Stones ticket? Were you feeling fleeced then? Well you’re going to be feeling so even more now, after it was announced via the group’s Twitter that they’re to be playing a warm up show for their four forthcoming 50th anniversary gigs in Paris tonight. For $19. That’s right, the band are to play Paris’ small Trabendo theatre, which has a capacity of 700.

Their twitter message read: “Names will be printed on the tickets. On presentation of photo ID at the venue, ticket holders will receive a wristband. Doors open at 8 pm” adding "Mobile phones, cameras, video equipment and recording devices are strictly prohibited." The group had drawn criticism for putting tickets for their two shows at London’s O2 Arena at the end of November on sale at extortionate prices, with some VIP packages even going towards the thousands of dollars. Galling then that Parisians will be able to enjoy the leathery rockers for just a fraction of the price. In fact, we worked out that you could get a Eurostar from London to Paris and back, with the price of the gig ticket on top, for just over $420. Even with a hotel added on you’d still be paying less than the top tier general release tickets for the O2.

The retirement fundraisers are going to be playing a private gig on Monday (October 29, 2012) funded by Carmignac Gestion, for their employees. And they say rock n’ roll’s not dead.