The Rolling Stones reportedly demand instructions to work the electrical equipment in their hotel rooms on tour.

The legendary rock band's rider has been leaked by TMZ and suggests the ageing members, who include Sir Mick Jagger, 72, and Keith Richards, 71, struggle with modern technology as they need written notes to be able to get standard items such as the TV and kettle to work.

They also demand alcohol is always available at the bar 24 hours a day wherever they are and a full supply of their favourite brands of cigarettes, Marlboro Reds and Marlboro Lights, according to the website.

The band - which also includes Charlie Watts, 74, and Ronnie Wood, 68 - also ask that each of their rooms have blacked out windows so they can party into the early hours in privacy.

The 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' rockers also request that extra staff are on hand for their room service requests and insist on being able to get their dry cleaning done whatever the time is so they don't have to wait till the next morning to get rid of any stains on their clothing.

The Rolling Stones completed their 15-date 'Zip Code Tour' of North America in July.