The man behind The Rolling Stones’ iconic ‘lips’ logo has brandished rocker Mick Jagger as a “bad guy” after years of surrounding profits derived from his design. Ruby Mazur claims that Jagger even drove him to attempting suicide. 

Rolling StonesMick Jagger has been called a "bad guy" by Mazur, who designed the Rolling Stones' Lips logo

Mazur described Jagger to The New York Post’s Page Six as a “very egotistical, self centered, ‘Mick Mick Mick’ kind of person” following the news that the lead singer’s late girlfriend L’Wren Scott committed suicide in a Facebook post that he soon deleted. 

“In the late ’80s, I was living in New York, going to the clubs and being introduced as the creator of the ‘mouth and tongue’ for the Stones, and then go home to my dumpy apartment. I was balls-off-my-ass broke, having created the most famous logo in the world,” said Mazur.

Mazur was even drawn to suicide, admitting that he tried to kill himself by filling up his apartment with gas. “If it wasn’t [for] my brother calling me I would have been where L’Wren was. When I hear [Mick] say ‘I’m her soul mate, [I say], ‘You’re full of s**t.’ If you were her soul mate, and she was $6 million in debt, what is that to Mick Jagger? Nothing!”

Mazur tried to sue Jagger for trademark infringement in the 1990s but it was too late. In that time it was estimated he could have reaped more than $100 million from his art. Jagger’s rep said: “This person made a business deal decades ago. How sad and contemptible that they would use this time of personal loss to gain attention.”

Mazur is set to exhibit his work at Mr. Musichead Gallery in LA in August.

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