Rock and Roll Icon Mick Jagger wrote a bunch of love letters back in the 60's, and, with The Rolling Stones recent, and very well publicized tour, they've fetched a whopping £187,250.

Written in Australia, while Jagger was out there filming for Ned Kelly, and letters represent a poetic, 25-year-old rockstar, just about to enter his prime. "I put these letters in a bank 30 years ago thinking that our daughter would find them valuable as an adult," Marsha Hunt - the object of Jagger's then desires - told the BBC. "Who could have anticipated that rock 'n roll would remain so popular, that 30 years on this band would still be performing?" The letters were mooted to earn something between #70,000 - £100,000, so their final value of £180,000 has proved a real surprise. They were no doubt boosted, though, by the recent renaissance of the aging rockers, as they headline four sold out, and very expensive, shows in London and New York. 

"The passage of time has given these letters a place in our cultural history," Hunt said after the sale. "1969 saw the ebbing of a crucial, revolutionary era, highly influenced by such artists as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, James Brown and Bob Dylan. Their inner thoughts should not be the property of only their families, but the public at large, to reveal who these influential artists were - not as commercial images, but their private selves," she said.