Jim Messina, who was the former Deputy Chief of Staff at America's White House from 2009 to 2011, penned an article for Politico Magazine in which he revealed the Rolling Stones frontman foresaw David Cameron and the Conservative Party upsetting the odds and defeating the opposition Labour Party.

The political staffer was hired as a campaign strategy adviser for the Conservative Party in 2013 and has revealed he discovered Jagger's keen appetite for politics during a London dinner party.

He writes, "One of the savviest political observers I've come across is Mick Jagger. I was invited to a dinner that included the legendary rocker in London before the British election (I took about 9,000 selfies), when I discovered that Mick has been a bit of a political junkie his whole life. While he's on tour he has a lot of down time, which he spends reading, he explained to me, and I learned that he's become a master observer not only of UK politics but of the American political scene as well (although he's not an activist and doesn't take sides).

"'You're going to win,' Mick told me at dinner, despite some polls showing that my client, Prime Minister David Cameron, was still trailing in the race. 'Why do you think so?' I asked. Mick replied that while he wasn't supporting any candidate himself, 'the average guy thinks Cameron makes tough decisions and things are getting a bit better. They won't change from that.' The opposition, Jagger explained, was percieved (sic) as a retreat to the past. Mick was right, of course."

Cameron swept to power with an unexpected outright majority after a late swing to the Conservatives.