Mick Jagger is a man who, despite living a life littered with debauchery, has aged relatively gracefully and for a man closer to seventy than he is sixty, the Rolling Stones frontman has done ok to keep his hair in check. He's done so well in fact that at an upcoming auction at Bonham's of London is putting a lock of his hair up under the gavel, giving him the chance to join such great men who have donated their hair to charity as Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara and Elvis Presley.

The thing is, like so many of those who have had their hair sold off in the name of charity, Jagger knew nothing about having his brunette locks sold off until the news became widespread, because the lock of hair given to Bonham's was given over by Jagger but a former lover. His ex-girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton to be precise, who dated Jagger while he was before he dropped out of the London School of Economics and was living in Kilburn, north London, with Keith Richards. The two stayed together whilst the Stones dominated the charts across the globe, eventually splitting when Jagger's star began to burn too bright.

But wait, there's more, because it wasn't even Shrimpton who had kept hold of the hair like some demented, love-lorn ex, but her grandmother, who kept the hair after giving Jagger an impromptu haircut in her home just before his and Chrissie's split. She passed it on to Chrissie's aunt when she died and when the aunt died her will dictated that the hair returns to Chrissie, who has decided that she actually doesn't want it so may as well give it to someone who does.

The hair goes to auction on July 3 and is expected to fetch between $2,300 and $3,100. All proceeds will go towards the charity Changing Faces.

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