Sir Mick Jagger's ex-wife Bianca has stood up to Internet trolls who bombarded her with online abuse after she opposed the building of a new soccer stadium in Liverpool, England.

The human rights activist has been vocal in her dismay over the proposed construction of a new ground for British soccer team Everton, and has urged others to sign a petition to save Walton Hall Park, the planned site for the new stadium.

As a result, Jagger has faced abuse at the hands of cyber bullies and has slammed the "vile, racist and sexist tweets" she has received before insisting she will not be silenced.

She writes on, "I have campaigned in defence of human rights, social justice, peace and environmental protection for over 30 years. I've faced dangerous situations in wars and speaking out against ruthless dictators and brutal war criminals. My choices were not always popular. But I have rarely received as vile, racist and sexist tweets as I received for signing a petition to the Liverpool City Council urging them not to sell or destroy Walton Hall Park.

"I decided to support a community that want their children to have access to a park. Tweets from supporters of Everton's new ground were sexist and racist. Throughout my life, I have been threatened by death squads in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, by Serbs in Bosnia. You'll not silence me."