Redhead popstar Mick Hucknall has denounced his former record contract as "immoral".

The SIMPLY RED star says he was deeply unhappy with the terms of his deal with EASTWEST, part of WARNER MUSIC, which expired in April 2000.

Hucknall is angry at the fact he paid for recording and marketing costs - but the record company still owned the master tapes.

Hucknall says, "The contract was basically immoral.

"Like many artists, my deal meant I paid for the cost of recording the music. I paid for the marketing. And I didn't get any royalties until those costs had been incurred.

"But despite this the contract stated that the master recordings still belonged to the record company."

He adds, "I don't know any other business where you pay for something and then someone else owns it."

The 42-year-old and his band have released their eighth album, HOME, on his own label, SIMPLYRED.COM. By releasing his own record he hopes to earn royalties up to 400 per cent higher than on a standard record company contract.