Flame-haired crooner Mick Hucknall has blasted the true-life film 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE - which labelled him as "ginger and s***."

The Manchester-born Simply Red frontman believes the movie - which purports to tell the real story of record supremo TONY WILSON and his Manchester, Northern England club THE HACIENDA in the 1980s and 1990s - is wide of the mark of what really happened.

He rages, "That film is a pile of s***. It's inaccurate about what went on and it's an ego trip.

"I'm friends with some of the people who worked in the Hacienda who were so important there and they don't even get mentioned.

"I find it quite sickening that some people have glorified themselves the way they have."

The HOME singer reserves special vitriol for comedian and actor STEVE COOGAN, who portrayed Wilson in the film.

He adds, "I've got a lot of respect for Tony Wilson, I like him, but I thought the film was a bag of s***e, but that comes from Steve Coogan.

"That guy is ALAN PARTRIDGE in reality - he is! That's why he does it so well, because that's who he f***ing is."