Singer Mick Hucknall has opened up about the traumatic event that scarred his childhood after his mother abandoned him at the age of three.

The Simply Red frontman was raised by his father in Manchester, England after his mother walked out on the family and never made contact again.

The Stars hitmaker was famed for his womanising ways during his heyday but has since settled down and started his own family, marrying Gabriella, the mother of his five-year-old daughter, in 2010.

Since becoming a father, Hucknall's perspective on family life has changed but he insists that he has no intention of tracking down his estranged mother.

He tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "It is a psychologically traumatic experience to be abandoned by your mother... It is more common that the father is gone.

"In my case it was the opposite. It was virtually unheard of in 1963 so I feel like a bit of a social experiment. I am relieved I've come out the end a relatively sane human being. But I don't know her. She abandoned me when I was three. What is there to know?

"At the time I needed her she wasn't there, She can't suddenly go 'I'm here'. I'd be like 'Oh really, well I'm not'. I don't harbour any hatred, but I don't harbour any love. It is just a void. But the void has been filled with the love of my wife, my daughter and my father."