British singer Mick Hucknall has become "obsessed" with parenting and has ruled out signing up for any long tours which would take him away from his family.

The Simply Red star is determined to give his five-year-old daughter Romy True a better upbringing than his because he was raised in a single-parent household by his dad Reg after his mum Maureen walked out when he was just three years old.

And Hucknall admits he would rather be at home with his wife Gabriella and their little girl than head out on the road for months of concerts.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I've become obsessed with doing a good job. I remember the emotional wilderness of my teens, and I'm determined not to become a repeat offender. I won't be doing any more long tours - my family comes first.

"My dad was from a generation who didn't show emotions. We clashed a lot, largely because there was no woman in the house to act as a referee. That's why having my own family is so special."

The Holding Back The Years hitmaker also reveals he wouldn't be surprised if Romy followed his footsteps into the spotlight, adding, "She has been to a few of my gigs, and I have a feeling she might go into entertainment one day. She knows all the Disney songs and does her own dance routines. But I don't want her to be a mini-version of me. I want her to find out who she is."