Fleetwood Mac star Mick Fleetwood is opening a restaurant and "performance space" in his adopted Maui, Hawaii so he can recreate the days when he played drums along to backing tracks in his parents' shed for kids in his neighbourhood.
The rocker hopes to open the English pub-style venue, called Fleetwood's, later this year (12).
He tells Playboy magazine, "I've wanted my own club since I was 12 or 13. When I got serious about the drums, my parents set me up in a little cement shed we had behind our house, and I turned it into a club.
"I got some fish netting up on the wall and strung empty wine bottles from it. I'd serve the kids Coca-Cola. And I brought the family record player down and set up my drums way back in the corner in the shadows. I'd charge them to listen to me play along to Buddy Holly records, and I had the time of my life."
And he's determined to make sure his new place isn't a high-priced, fancy celebrity hang-out.
He adds, "The last thing I want is for people to think that they don't dare come in wearing a pair of shorts with suntan lotion on. I want them to feel that it's perfectly fine to get suntan lotion on our leather couches."
Fleetwood insists he'll be a regular at his new pub, and he'll perform there with friends: "I see the restaurant as my building a cathedral for all the travelling preachers I know to come and spread the gospel. And besides that, selfishly I've built myself a stage to play on any day of the week... I really can't wait to open our doors."
The pub/restaurant isn't the only new project Fleetwood is working on - he's also developing a furniture and accessories line inspired by his band Fleetwood Mac.