Chinese-Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh is sick of relationships with Chinese men, claiming they are all chauvinistic and old-fashioned. The SUNSHINE star, who was once married to Hong Kong film producer DICKSON POON, ended their three-and-a-half year marriage to return to acting, after tiring of her role as traditional housewife. Yeoh, 44, says, "Somehow I feel that Chinese men are much more chauvinistic. "It is in our genes going back generations. The majority of them would say there is nothing wrong with being chauvinistic. To their mind, that is looking after the women well. "We are the damsel in distress, the one who is always rescued. "But I was very formative in my ex-husband. I think it depends on where they were educated and where they end up. If you think of Hong Kong it's so advanced and cosmopolitan, but it is still very Chinese."