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"Furious 7" Trailer Revealed: Is This The End Of An Era?

Paul Walker Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez Dwayne Johnson

The first trailer for Furious 7  (aka the seventh Fast & Furious) is out and here’s the good news – it’s faster and furious-er than ever. The late Paul Walker takes the honorary spot in a trailer that features him dangling off a cliff and then running up a bus dangling from that same cliff and into a truck... oh, you’ll just have to watch the trailer. Also, camels.

Paul Walker
Almost a year after Paul Walker's death, the actor received another tribute at the trailer launch.

No, I’m not even kidding. Featuring the ominous line “One last ride.” And Vin Diesel’s epic “I don’t have friends. I have family,” this one might actually be a tear-jerker. In some of the last material he filmed before his shocking death – in a car crash, of all things – last year, Paul Walker returns as Brian O’Connor, partnering with Vin Diesel’s  Dominic “Dom” Torretto for one final heist.

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Caught On Camera: Zac Efron Kissing Michelle Rodriguez - Check This Impressive Relationship History

Zac Efron Michelle Rodriguez Vin Diesel Olivier Martinez Halle Berry

Michelle Rodriguez is well known for having an unusual and certainly prolific love life and she's recently been snapped kissing Zac Efron. But is Efron joining the ranks of men and women who have all fallen for the Fast & Furious actress.

Michelle Rodriguez
Rodriguez has been romantically linked to numerous celebrities over the last decade.

Read More: Cara Who? Michelle Rodriguez Confirms Zac Efron Romance With Seaside Smooch.

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Cara Who? Michelle Rodriguez Confirms Zac Efron Romance With Seaside Smooch

Michelle Rodriguez Zac Efron Cara Delevingne

Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron have all but confirmed their romance with a very public display of affection on a beach inn Sardinia. The acting couple were spotted enjoying the summer sun and canoodling whilst on a yacht. The Daily Mail published photos of an iPad-brandishing Efron leaning in to smooch his new bikini-clad lover.

Their blatant PDA gives the signal that Rodriguez's relationship with model Cara Delevingne is well and truly over, as rumours had been suggesting for some time. The Fast & Furious actress looked to be having a wonderfully relaxing time as she basked in the sun's rays and enjoyed the company of her frisky new beau.

The couple couldn't resist fondling each other as they frolicked on the boat and took dips in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Despite their amorous display, the pair weren't alone during their ocean jaunt and were seen hanging out with businessman Gianluca Vacchi and some female friends.

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‘Fast & Furious 7’ Release Pulled Forward To April 3rd After Paul Walker Death Delay

Paul Walker Vin Diesel Tyrese Gibson Jason Statham Jordana Brewster Michelle Rodriguez Dwayne Johnson Kurt Russell Djimon Hounsou Tony Jaa

The release date of the next Fast & Furious movie has been pulled forward by a week from the 10th April to the 3rd April 2015, Universal Pictures has announced. According to THR, the decision was made to allow the action sequel to have "more international playdates."

The movie was originally scheduled for release this summer but actor Paul Walker's tragic death last November meant the filmmakers had to reconfigure some of the scenes he was scheduled to shoot. Walker died in a high speed Californian car crash along with his friend Roger Rodas and was killed instantly on collision with roadside obstacles.

Walker will still be featured in Fast 7 but some of his scenes will have been edited to account for his unfinished filming. He will be seen starring alongside franchise returners Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster.

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Cara Delevingne Says "Shallow" Men Are Why She's Into Women

Cara Delevingne Michelle Rodriguez

Cara Delevingne has finally addressed her sexuality in a new interview with The Telegraph magazine. Though her words don't exactly constitute a full outing, it was the first time that the model has spoken candidly about her views on dating women over men. Said to be dating actress Michelle Rodriguez, Cara and her alleged sexual orientation are constant subjects of media scrutiny.

When asked about her sexuality, Cara replied "What do I think? I think people shouldn't be scared of that. I'm young, I'm having fun, I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not." She shrugs. "So I don't really care on that matter. People can say what they want, but I'm having a good time. I know what people are doing who are my age; I just think it would be a lie to pretend that I'm not having a good time."

"The funny thing is, I always used to have more guy friends. At school, I was a tomboy and it would be me and all my guy friends. But now... I don't know. It's kind of changed quite a bit. I still have my old friends from school, but I think..."

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Michelle Rodriquez Said To Have Split From "Young" Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne Michelle Rodriguez

After plenty of PDA, a few high kicks and a topless make out session in the sea, sources are claiming that actress Michelle Rodriquez and model Cara Delevingne have called time on their relationship. Sources claim that the age difference between the two women is to blame for their decision to part ways. Chanel model Cara is 21 years old, while her Fast & Furious girlfriend is 35.

Michelle Rodriguez Cara Delevingne split Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne bundle themselves into a car after the ELLE Style Awards in February

Celebrity Dirty Laundry is claiming, “Cara’s obviously still very young, and although the age gap between her and Michelle doesn’t play any role now, it might end up being an issue in the future. Not because of their differences in age, but rather their views on relationships and commitment…Cara’s definitely somewhat of a loose cannon, and she’s notorious for partying and hooking up with people. How long can someone so young and care-free stay in a committed relationship? Eventually, she won’t want to be tied down anymore, and when that time comes, we can only hope that Michelle doesn’t get her heart broken.”

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Chris Pine Isn't Alone! Other Celebrities Arrested For DUI

Chris Pine Mel Gibson Nicole Richie Lindsay Lohan Shia LaBeouf Mischa Barton Michelle Rodriguez

Star Trek star Chris Pine is the latest celebrity to join the long list of famous folk who have been arrested on charges of DUI. Pine, who is best known for playing James T. Kirk in 2009’s Star Trek and 2012’s Star Trek Into Darkness, pleaded guilty to charges of driving under the influence and has been smacked with a six month driving ban and fine.

chris pine dui Chris Pine is the most recent celebrity to be arrested for drink driving

It seems like having a DUI is sort of a celebrity rite of passage, all of them seem to have one! King of all DUI arrests, Mel Gibson, was arrested in 2006 for driving nearly twice the speed limit after a night of hard partying. In case he wasn’t in enough trouble, Mel then allegedly began to shout anti-semitic remarks. Most celebrities manage to bounce back quickly after their DUIs, but Mel’s reputation has never recovered.

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Ex-Girlfriend Of Paul Walker Rebecca McBrain Consoles Daughter Meadow In Wake Of Tragic Death

Paul Walker Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez

The ex-girlfriend of the late Paul Walker, Rebecca McBrain has been consoling the pair's 15 year-old daughter Meadow Walker who is said to be "in pieces" over her father, who died in a car crash at the weekend.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker, Star Of The 'Fast & Furious' Franchise, Has Died Aged 40.

McBrain and Walker are said to have split in 1999 "Rebecca is being there for her daughter, who is naturally devastated," a source said, via Showbiz Spy. "She and Paul had some good times together. She too is upset by his death." Though Meadow was brought up in Hawaii where she used to live with her mother, both moved to California recently so that Meadow could be closer to her father.

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Turbo Review

Very Good

Whizzy and superficial, this isn't the most complicated animated film ever made, but it's a lot of fun if you can buy into its silly premise about a snail who moves at super-fast speed. Aside from its riotous sense of energy and thrilling action sequences, the script is also packed with enough deranged humour to keep the adults laughing along with the kids.

It starts in a normal garden, where Theo (voiced by Reynolds) dreams of racing his human idol, the Indy champ Guy Gagne (Hader). Theo even calls himself "Turbo", annoying his pragmatic brother Chet (Giamatti). Then a freak accident involving nitrous-oxide gives him lightning speed. In search of a chance to race, he meets another dreamer with a practical-minded brother: Tito (Pena) is a man who owns a taco truck with his grumpy sibling Angelo (Guzman). And it's Tito who works with local business owners (Jenkins, Jeong and Rodriguez) to help Turbo achieve his goal to enter the Indianapolis 500 and race against his hero. On the track, Turbo is assisted by a pit-crew of Tito's pet snails (Jackson, Rudolph, Dogg and Schwartz).

Yes, the plot is preposterous, but the script openly acknowledges the insanity of the "snail vs car" race, maintaining the dizzying size discrepancy as all of the characters are just as incredulous as we are. The filmmakers also create a hilarious snail underworld packed with running gags about the perils of being so little. Although they haven't included much slime, which is a strange omission for a movie aimed primarily at pre-teen boys. Still, each snail (and each human too) is such a bundle of big personality traits that we don't really mind the gender and ethnic stereotypes.

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Machete Kills Review


Robert Rodriguez returns to Grindhouse territory with this B-movie spoof sequel that mixes hilariously knowing jokes with painfully stiff storytelling. Fans of the genre will love it, but those expecting a sense of narrative momentum will find themselves bored when the plot stalls about halfway in. And the rampant misogynistic smirking should be too much for anyone.

After the events of the 2010 original (which itself was based on a mock-trailer from 2007's Grindhouse double bill), the former Mexican agent Machete (Trejo) has been secretly working with US Immigration. After a bust goes badly wrong, he is assigned by the US President (Sheen, performing under his birth-name Carlos Estevez) to capture psychotic drug kingpin Mendez (Bichir) in Mexico. Working with his beauty-queen contact (Heard), he heads into the danger zone pursued by the master-of-disguise Camaleon and immediately running afoul of a vindictive brothel madame (Vergara). Along the way he discovers that the real villain is a defence contractor (Gibson) back in America, so he asks his former partner-in-crime (Michelle Rodriguez) for some help.

Every scene overflows with hyper-violent action and near-naked babes with guns. And the fast-paced mayhem is frequently played out as wacky slapstick, with movie in-jokes and a general sense of chaos. Aside from the amusingly straight-faced Trejo, the actors play everything for laughs. Gibson chomps mercilessly on the scenery during his overlong scenes, while Sheen plays with his own personal history while winking knowingly to the camera. There's also a continuous parade of A-list cameos, including Gaga, Gooding and Banderas hamming up their silly scenes for all they're worth.

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Lady Gaga Smokes And Charlie Sheen Is President In 'Machete Kills' [Trailer + Pictures]

Charlie Sheen Michelle Rodriguez Lady GaGa Sofia Vergara

It’s a good thing Machete and its stars don’t take themselves too seriously, because one look at the reviews would be enough to kick off a pretty serious binge. Still, the latest in the franchise – Machete Kills – is more midnight popcorn than early evening wine.

Danny Trejo and Michelle RodriguezDanny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez in Machete Kills

The film sees Danny Trejo return as ex-Federale agent Machete. He is taken on by the President of the United States (a certain Charlie Sheen, or Carlos Eztevez -we’ll get on to that later) for an especially dangerous mission. He is charged with a stopping madman revolutionary and eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has a plan to plunge the world into a dystopian nightmare.

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Machete Kills - Alternative Trailer

Machete Cortez is a formidable former member of the Mexican Federal Police and happens to be one of the most badass, ruthless killers ever known. He is enlisted by the US President on a new mission to save the world, being asked to find a crazed anarchist named Mendez and prevent him from launching a nuclear weapon at Washington DC. However, it soon begins clear that he can't trust everyone around him and discovers that an arms dealer named Luther Voz may actually be the real villain in the situation as he is hatching a dastardly plan to cause chaos in every country in the world. There's something no-one's telling Machete about this business but he'll damn well try to find out what it is.

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Avoid Awkward Reunion At Teen Choice Awards

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Michelle Rodriguez Sia Katy Perry Riley Keough

Despite Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 sweeping the board at last night's Teen Choice Awards ceremony, neither of the movie's stars - Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - were in attendance, presumably to avoid any kind of awkward encounter.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart
Kristen & Rob Dated For Years, Is This Really The End For Their Love?

The former couple, whose lovelife echoed that of their on screen human/vampire romance, weren't at the event to pick up even one of their seven Teen Choice surfboards. Ironically, the pair were nominated for 'Best Romance' for their steamy on screen relationship but as the franchise wound up with its final instalment, it looks like the real-life couple will never been seen again either.

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2013 Teen Choice Awards: On The Red Carpet And Highlights

Selena Gomez Lucy Hale Brittany Snow Chloe Moretz Cher Lloyd Naya Rivera Demi Lovato Paramore One Direction Justin Bieber Troian Bellisario Ian Harding Glee Cory Monteith Darren Criss Rebel Wilson Robert Downey Jr Anne Hathaway Bruno Mars David Guetta Taylor Swift Macklemore Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner Nina Dobrev Ian Somerhalder Logan Lerman Emma Watson Michelle Rodriguez

The 2013 Teen Choice was held last night, Sunday 11th August, at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City. The event was star studded with attendees photographed on the red carpet including Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale, Brittany Snow, Michelle Rodriguez, Chloe Grace Moretz, Cher Lloyd and Naya Rivera.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez on the red carpet.

The Teen Choice Awards are an annual event held to celebrate what teenagers think deserves recognition from the world of film, TV, fashion and music. It was first held in 1999 and has gradually grown increasing popular with the passing years. This year, according to the Teen Choice Award Website, over 150 million teenagers voted on the various categories. 

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Turbo - Clips

Turbo has big dreams for such a small garden snail; dreams that stretch beyond his regular, sluggish, plant-pot dwelling life. He wants to become the fastest mover in the world, even faster than his favourite racing driver, and compete at the IndyCar races, but, as nature would have it, no matter how much training he does, he simply can't gather speed. However, one day, while gazing at the blurry flow of traffic on a highway, his wish comes true when he is sucked into the back of a vehicle and submerged in a tank of nitrous oxide. On making an escape, he finds himself glowing like a lightbulb and zooming past his inching friends a hundred times faster than he ever believed was possible. On his journey to speedy stardom, he meets Whiplash, Skidmark, Burn, Smooth Move and White Shadow; a crew of other racer wannabes who take him under their wings. 

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Machete Kills: Gaga Debuts On The Big Screen [Trailer]

Lady GaGa Robert Rodriguez James Bond Danny Trejo Michelle Rodriguez Mel Gibson Antonio Banderas Amber Heard Charlie Sheen Vanessa Hudgens Cuba Gooding Junior

The trailer has finally been released for Robert Rodriguez's latest action movie: a sequel to 2010's cult-favourite Machete.

The director, who is also responsible for box office hits Sin City and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, hypes his latest follow-up by comparing it to previous successful action series: "We've given the character a much bigger playground. It's going to be like a James Bond movie, with a Bond-style villain", he said, talking to screenrant.com. 

Watch the Machete Kills Trailer:

Reloaded for a second instalment that we'll have to wait for until its September release, the trailer tantalises the action-hungry filmgoer, with guns, grit, and girl-on-girl violence. Not to mention the promise of flaming vehicular explosions, over-the-top weaponry, and blistering clichéd one-liners only a blockbuster can deliver. 

Continue reading: Machete Kills: Gaga Debuts On The Big Screen [Trailer]

Machete Kills Trailer

Machete Cortez, a former Mexican Federale agent, returns on another mission to kill as the President of the United States calls him up to recruit him to take down a dangerous and wealthy arms dealer named Luther Voz who is planning to launch a destructive new weapon into space and wage war on his own planet. With his expert training and a history of taking down the biggest crooks of the world, he is the US government's only hope at saving the planet. However, with understandable issues from being double-crossed several times before, can he really know who to trust on his latest endeavour?

Continue: Machete Kills Trailer

Turbo Trailer

Turbo might be just your average garden snail but there's one thing that sets him apart from all his friends; he is tired of the slowness of life and has dreams of becoming the fastest creature in the world. While his friend Chet does everything within his power to convince him that he should enjoy the life he has and forget his impossible aspirations. However, while Turbo wistfully watches the flow of traffic on the highway, he makes a wish that unexpectedly defies biology. He is sucked into the engine of a racing car and is subsequently submerged in a tank of nitrous oxide which causes him to glow brightly. When he realises that it has also given him the ability to move at an extraordinary pace, he is determined to compete at the IndyCar races and become the first snail in history to win in a vehicular race.

Continue: Turbo Trailer

Vin Diesel And Fast And Furious 6 Co-Stars Talk New Movie [Video]

Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez Paul Walker Jordana Brewster

Fast and Furious co-stars Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster have been giving us the low down on the forthcoming new film and the sixth of the franchise, Fast And Furious 6. 

Watch Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez talk Fast And Furious 6

Continue reading: Vin Diesel And Fast And Furious 6 Co-Stars Talk New Movie [Video]

Vin Diesel & Michelle Rodriguez - Fast & Furious 6 Video Interview

Video Interview with Vin Diesel & Michelle Rodriguez

The 'Fast and Furious' franchise stars Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are interviewed about the latest sequel 'Fast & Furious 6' in London. They discuss the size and scale of the movie and the chick fight between Michelle's character Letty and Gina Carano's character Riley.

'Everybody came together for this one and I think everybody across the board wanted to make this the best film which is rare', Vin explained. 'The size and scale is huge.. I think Justin [Lin - director] didn't want to be held back with too much reality on this. I think he just wanted to take off the training wheels and just go as crazy as he could go.' On her fight with Gina, Michelle explains her initial reservations about her character coming out on top despite Gina being an MMA fighter. 'I don't want it to be something fake, something that people are like, 'Yeah right, Michelle Rodriguez against an MMA fighter'', she says. 'So we got together with Justin Lin and developed the skillset and the mindset behind the fight.'

Michelle Rodriguez - Thursday 10th December 2009 at Odeon Leicester Square London, England

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez Wednesday 29th July 2009 The 10th New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) - 'Los Bandoleros' premiere at the School of Visual Arts Theatre - Arrivals New York City, USA

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez Thursday 19th March 2009 UK premiere of 'Fast & Furious' held at the Vue West - Arrivals London, England

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez Friday 29th August 2008 Grand opening of Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant at the Bellagio Resort & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez

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