Michelle Obama is ''getting irritated'' by her hair.

The US First Lady had a fringe cut into her locks earlier this year, but the face-framing strands are now at an awkward length and need careful styling each day.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''The bangs are a day-to-day proposition, we take it day by day. They're starting to grow out, getting a little irritating. But it's OK. We'll be good.''

And it seems like Michelle is ready for a change in her hairstyle once again.

She added: ''It's fun, but... well, I'm like a girl. What's next?''

Fashion-loving Michelle also admitted she is looking forward to spring so she can wear ''colour'' and ''flowy fabrics''.

Asked what she is excited about wearing this season, she said: ''Just being able to wear a skirt and some flats! Spring is lots of colour, lots of flowy fabrics. It'll be good!''

While Michelle's fringed style was a hit with most people, outspoken Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld recently slammed the look, saying it made her look like ''a newsreader''.

He said: ''I don't understand the change of hair. I adore Madame Obama, I love her. But there is a news reader at LCI which has this haircut.

''Frankly, this doesn't suit her. The fringe was a bad idea, it's not good.''