Michelle Keegan could be set to make the move to Hollywood after coming on to the radar of movie bosses in South Africa where she’s been filming new BBC Drama ‘Our Girl 2’. Keegan rose to fame after playing Tina McIntyre in ‘Coronation Street’ but the 29-year-old left the soap in 2014 to pursue other roles.

Michelle KeeganDoes Michelle Keegan have a future in Hollywood?

Speaking to the Sunday People, her stunt co-ordinator Paul Pieterse said her name had been buzzing around sets in Cape Town where they have also been filming movies Dark Tower with Idris Elba and Matthew McConnaughy and 24 Hours to Live with Ethan Hawke.

“The Hollywood interest has all come out of her performance in 'Our Girl 2'. She’s very good,” Pieterse said. “Cape Town is a hub of new movies and people come here from the US to scour for new talent. There’s a lot of big money being spent here."

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"Michelle has now shown her diversity in 'Our Girl 2'. Can her looks and body match up to Hollywood’s women? Absolutely yes. Michelle is a belter, no two ways about that, and pictures don’t do her credit.

“She’s also very easy to work with, no a prima donna at all,” he continued. "I did The Last Face with Charlize Theron and I don’t rate her the same way I rate Michelle Keegan. I think Charlize was very lucky, in the right place at the right time, and the same thing will apply to Michelle. If she gets the right part she’s going all the way.”

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After filming wrapped on ‘Our Girl 2’, Keegan went straight into shooting ‘Tina and Bobby’, a drama about the life of football legend Bobby Moore and his first wife Tina. “I can tell you she’s a really big talent and a lot of people in this town are talking about her,” Pieterse added.

“Michelle for Hollywood, absolutely. No doubt she can make it there, the right part and she’s away. I am working with top Hollywood stars and Michelle’s of that calibre. I know good when I see it.” ‘Our Girl 2’ will air on BBC One later this year.