Michelle Keegan has had a pretty incredible 2016, but her success and high profile has come at a bit of a price, with the actress revealing she “needs a break” after having become “run down” by her hectic schedule.

The 29 year old star has become exhausted by her busy filming schedule over the past half a year, in which she’s filmed ‘Our Girl’ drama series for the BBC in South Africa for several months before flying straight back to England to shoot ITV’s TV movie ‘Tina & Bobby’.

Now, the Manchester-born actress says she’s looking forward to a break, writing to her fans in her regular blog for OK! magazine this week.

Michelle KeeganMichelle Keegan says she is "run down" after months of hectic scheduling

“I’m starting to feel a bit better, as I have been battling a bad cold this last week or so. I do tend to get them when I am working a lot, or when I am run down. I remember I had a dreadful cold after I finished working on ‘Coronation Street’,” she wrote.

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“I think my body just says ‘give me a break!’ so I have been doing that, and stocked up on vitamins, had lots of sleep and am eating healthy food. I am definitely feeling a lot more ‘me’ now. In fact I am feeling so much more myself, that here I am on my first trip back to the gym!”

Many would argue she should capitalise on her high profile while it lasts, but Keegan says her immediate schedule is “pretty quiet” – and that’s the way she prefers it for now.

“I’m pretty quiet on the work front for a while, so I now have the time to train 3-4 times a week and I am doing this because it makes me feel good, plus eating healthy will boost my immune system after my lurgy.”

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