Michelle Keegan's fiancé spots her collections being worn by other people before she sees them.

The 27-year-old actress-turned-fashion designer - who releases her latest range, Lipsy Loves Michelle Keegan, on Thursday (05.03.15) - doesn't have any trouble seeing her garments on others while out and about if she is with future husband Mark Wright because he knows her wares ''like the back of his hand''.

When asked if the former 'The Only Way is Essex' star has had much involvement in her latest Lipsy collection, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''He hasn't helped but with Mark knows what pieces of my collection are out there. He points them out before I see them these days.

''He'll know if a girl is wearing a dress in my collection, he'll say, 'That's your dress.' So he obviously does know the collection like the back of his hand.''

And Mark appears to have been very busy of late as Michelle admits she sees her collection being worn by people all the time and is always pleasantly surprised.

She added: ''It never gets old seeing people wearing my collections. I was on holiday not long ago and a complete stranger who was foreign was actually wearing one of the dresses and I was trying to explain to her but she didn't understand.

''Once I went to a restaurant and saw three girls wearing dresses from the collection and I was sat around having my food and I just couldn't believe it.''

Lipsy Loves Michelle Keegan is available on Thursday March 5 at www.lipsy.co.uk