Actress Michelle Keegan was roundly mocked online this morning after making a serious mistake about the English football team when she appeared on ‘BBC Breakfast’.

Keegan was a guest on the sofa on Monday morning (September 5th) to discuss and promote her current BBC series ‘Our Girl’, but the interviewer Louise Minchin also touched upon her upcoming role in a drama about the late England World Cup-winning captain Bobby Moore and his relationship with his wife Tina.

“I suppose in some ways they were the first so-called celebrity couple weren't they?” Minchin asked, to which Keegan dropped a bit of a clanger by claiming that football wasn’t a big deal in the 1960s.

Michelle KeeganMichelle Keegan made a bit of howler about English football

“Back in the sixties people didn’t really know anything about football,” she said. “It wasn't really a major sport back then.”

Cue a backlash from English football fans who were watching the exchange, with many pointing out that the high-point in the national game came in 1966 when England won the World Cup for the first (and, so far, only) time.

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“Michelle Keegan on @BBCBreakfast: ‘In the 60's, they weren't that bothered about football’. Odd...I seem to recall us winning a World Cup,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Michelle Keegan just said on BBC Breakfast that football wasn't big in the 1960's. She's playing Bobby Moore's wife in an upcoming TV show (sic),” wrote another, a third adding “'Back in the sixties, football wasn't a major sport.' Michelle Keegan being a bit of a d****** on #bbcbreakfast. 1966 ring a bell love?”

While on the show, 29 year old Keegan also addressed the seemingly endless rumours that her marriage to former ‘TOWIE’ cast member Mark Wright is on the rocks.

“A lot of the time I don't read it otherwise it'll send me loopy!” she said.

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