French filmmaker Michel Gondry insists he's the kiss of death for music acts who hire him to direct their videos - because his promos rarely become hits.
The Oscar-winning Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind writer/director has helmed music videos for acts including Bjork, the White Stripes and The Rolling Stones - but he can't understand why requests keep pouring in from musicians, because so many of his video clips have been major flops.
He says, "I have the s**t touch. When I touch a song, it plummets. Every time an artist asks me to do a video, I want to warn, 'If you do the video with me, it will be a failure.'
"I did seven videos for Bjork, and the only one she ever did that was a huge hit, Spike Jonze directed it. And, with the White Stripes, I did six videos with them and the only video they did that was a huge hit, I didn't do it. It was Seven Army Nation."