Judging by the latest trailer from Michel Gondry for 'Mood Indigo' starring Romain Duris (The Beat That My Heart Skipped) and Audrey Tautou (Amelie, Priceless), he's once again back to his stunningly surreal The Science of Sleep best for another French language cinematic beauty. 

Based on a 1947 novel by Boris Vian called Froth on a Daydream, the movie sees Colin (Duris), a wealthy and successful inventor of a smell-based musical instrument named a Pianocktail. Through his friend, Chick, he meets Chloe (Tautou) and falls head over heels in love. They get married in a whirlwind romance, but while on their honeymoon, Chloe falls ill and in the ensuing weeks and months her health deteriorates. As she gets worse, so the film devolves into an increasingly dark world. 

Michel Gondry made his name directing Bjork's music videos, notably for Human Behaviour and Joga in which he honed the surrealist style he has become so well known and loved for. Other great films to his name include a variety of  English, French and Spanish language films such as The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep and The Green Hornet.

Mood Indigo is set for release on April 10th 2013.