Michael Sheen has learned the value of compromising.

The 51-year-old actor is well-known for his strong political beliefs - but he's also come to understand the importance of diplomacy, admitting he sometimes has to work with people he strongly disagrees with.

Asked if he harbours political ambitions, he joked: ''I think my condescending class-blind privilege is getting in the way, to be honest.''

Michael admitted he's become more philosophical about his beliefs and those of other people as his career has developed.

He told the Guardian newspaper: ''I'm part of now trying to come up with a better way, rather than just criticising the way other people are doing things.

''I have to work with people that I really disagree with, or I have to try and find a way to compromise or find a way forward with people who you really don't agree with.''

Meanwhile, Michael previously admitted he spent most of his childhood ignoring the advice of his parents.

The actor confessed that, during his young years, he was keen to create his own path in life - though he's subsequently followed in their footsteps.

Michael - who plays an active role in various charitable organisations - said: ''Pretty much everything my parents told me to do, I didn't. But as I've got older, I've ended up doing what they did, like community activism.''

The Hollywood star was an avid soccer player during his childhood and he initially dreamed of becoming a professional sportsman.

But ultimately, he's glad his parents didn't relocate to London, where he was supposed to join Arsenal Football Club.

He recalled: ''I was a keen footballer and when I was 12 I was offered a place with Arsenal's youth team, but my parents didn't want to relocate to London.

''I was upset, but the chance of playing professional football in the Premier League is so slim. Ultimately, I was grateful to them.''