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19th April 2015

Fact: Actor/musician Michael Shannon will perform The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead album alongside a band featuring members of Superchunk and Poi Dog Pondering at the SPACE venue in Evanston, Illinois on 6 June (15).

21st December 2012

Quote: "I auditioned for a romantic comedy and made it to the last round, and then they went with somebody else who had a more extensive resume in the romantic comedy field. I don't want to say who - I don't want to twist anyone's nipples. But is that what the world needs, to see me in a romantic comedy? Would that change things?" Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon is secretly glad he did not land the lead role in the lighthearted project so he could continue working as a dramatic actor.

1st April 2009

Fact: Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon and comedic actor Will Arnett are the latest big name stars to sign up for upcoming comicbook blockbuster JONAH HEX. The duo will join Josh Brolin and John Malkovich in the big-screen adaptation of the popular 1970s DC Comic. The movie is slated to begin shooting this month (Apr09).

22nd February 2009

Quote: "HEATH (LEDGER) had to do a lot more than I did. He really carried that movie on his shoulders... It's one of the greatest roles you could ever play - and he lived up to those expectations and exceeded them... One of my friends looked at the Vegas odds and I'm 20-1 right now... Heath is 1-10. I've never seen odds like that in my life." Oscar nominee Michael Shannon doesn't fancy his chances of landing the Best Supporting Actor prize at the Academy Awards.

13th February 2009

Quote: "I know the odds. I haven't been writing my acceptance speech." Oscar nominee Michael Shannon isn't getting his hopes up ahead of the 22 February (09) Academy Awards ceremony.

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