Michael Richards was “motivated” to write his memoir after beating prostate cancer.

The ‘Seinfeld’ actor used his autobiography ‘Entrances and Exits’, released on June 4, to reveal he waged a secret battle with the disease after he was diagnosed with it in 2018.

He has now told Hoda Kotb, 59, in a rare sit-down interview on the ‘Today’ show about how he drew a positive from his health fight: “I made it – I beat it – and that certainly motivated me to get into the book because I went through a big review of my life.”

The actor also revealed he was so riddled with insecurities he never watched his performances as Kramer on ‘Seinfeld’.

It was only when his son Antonio – who he had with his second and current wife Beth Skipp, who he married in 2010 – reached the age of nine that he said he finally watched the series all the way through alongside the youngster.

He added: “I’m his dad and I’m kinda kooky around the house, so for him to see all that on television, the comedy of the show, was pretty amazing.”

But Michael admitted his boy’s favourite character wasn’t Kramer – but vindictive postman Newman, played by 68 year old Wayne Knight.

Michael also has daughter Sophie with his first wife Cathleen Lyons, a family therapist to whom he was married for 18 years.

The actor ended up cancelled in 2006 when footage emerged of him launching into a furious racist tirade during a stand-up set in Los Angeles, and also told Hoda he hopes people can now see is he trying to be “better” as he makes a return to the spotlight in the wake of years away from showbusiness in the wake of outrage over the still-infamous incident.

He said: “I’m human (and am) striving to be a better person. There’s a good, bad and an ugly.”

Referring to the title of his autobiography, Michael added: “The entrances and the exits – always ongoing, a coming and a going.

“Just discovering myself along the way, it’s really a pleasure. It’s hard work though, in dealing with the living and the dying.”