Guests visiting the tourist trap between 18 September (15) to the end of October (15) will get the chance to tackle the Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home attraction.

The haunted maze will take guests through "the tormented town of Haddonfield, Illinois, where on one fateful Halloween night in 1963, a six-year-old child by the name of Michael Myers inexplicably and brutally stabbed his sister to death with a kitchen knife".

Guests will relive the terror that a maniacal Michael Myers inflicted upon the once quiet town after his escape from a psychiatric hospital to take bloody revenge on new and unsuspecting victims.

According to a press release announcing the new attraction, "Guests will have the sensation of stepping through the silver screen directly into unsettling and shocking film scenes as they navigate their way through Haddonfield, adorned in classic Halloween decor on a similar Halloween night in 1963.

"Myers' abandoned family home and its blood-splattered walls, where the violent murder took place, will set the stage for a new crime scene as guests attempt to evade the relentless killer - armed with his signature bloodstained knife."