A new British film starring Michael Madsen, Peter O'Toole, Harvey Keitel and Roy Scheider is on the verge of collapse because producers have run out of money.

RED LIGHT RUNNERS started shooting in London a month ago (OCT03) but ground to a halt just days after filming began.

Crew members walked out and actors - including JAWS star Scheider - haven't been paid, but producer NIGEL WARREN-GREEN says the $16 million (GBP10 million) heist movie is now trying to get back on track.

He says, "One of our equity partners pulled out and we've been trying to find replacement finance.

"It has been horrendous. When you lose a portion of the finance, it all falls through until you've replaced the missing bit.

"Payments were suspended and we spoke to all the people concerned to clear the situation.

"Now that we've got the finance back, they will all be paid. We have some significant distribution deals in place."

06/11/2003 14:02