Hollywood tough guy Michael Madsen will think twice before signing up to star in another Uwe Boll movie after getting a taste of the German director's bizarre film techniques on the set of BLOODRAYNE.
The Reservoir Dogs star thought he'd worked with the strangest guys in the business before he signed on to play a part in Boll's "crazy" action film in Romania.
Madsen was left with a series of injuries and was attacked by gnats and bees on the jungle set of the 2005 film - but it was Boll's collection of stunt horses that caused him the biggest headaches.
He tells WENN, "He put me on some crazy Romanian horses. I've done a little riding and I knew the second I got on that animal that it did not know what it was supposed to do.
"They (horses) all ran off in different directions and went berserk every time they'd clap the clapperboard to start a scene. My horse ran right into a tree and threw me in a water tank."
And that was just the first day.
Madsen continues, "I had a catheter in my arm because I was sick from eating the food over there. I lost 12 pounds. I was attacked by gnats in the middle of the Romanian jungle and I had to dive into the water while being attacked by bees. It was a very strange experience - on the way to the set I'd come across potato carts and dead horses.
"I don't even know what his movies are about and why he keeps the same theme of people in the jungle and the vampires who ride in from space (sic). What are you doing Uwe? BloodRayne was an abomination... It's a horrifying and preposterous movie."
But, saying all that, Madsen would consider making another movie with the eccentric filmmaker: "Uwe was fun. If he called me tomorrow and wanted me to be in a movie I would do it."