Director Michael Lehmann has dismissed Winona Ryder's comments confirming a sequel to their cult comedy HEATHERS is in the works, insisting the actress has got it all wrong.
Ryder starred alongside Christian Slater in the 1989 movie, about four girls who form a clique at a suburban high school, and she recently claimed a follow-up is on its way, with the True Romance actor also on board to return to Westerberg High.
She told film bible Empire magazine of her most iconic role, "Whatever you hear, there is a sequel in the works, I swear to God.
"But for some reason the writer, Dan Waters, and director, Michael Lehman, don't want to talk about it. I've been wanting to do a sequel forever. There is a story, and Christian has agreed to come back."
But reports of a sequel is news to both Lehman and Waters - who are adamant there is "no script" and "no plans" for Heathers 2.
Lehman tells, "Winona's been talking about this for years - she brings it up every once in a while and Dan Waters and I will joke about it, but as far as I know there's no script and no plans to do the sequel.
"A couple of weeks ago everyone started talking about it and I guess Winona said the movie was gonna get made, and I thought, 'I don't know, maybe they did this without me?' But I got in touch with Dan Waters and he said he didn't know anything about it. So I don't think there's any truth to it."