Michael Kors "never dreamed" he would be as successful as he has been.

The 61-year-old fashion designer created his eponymous clothing company 40 years ago and admitted that he never thought it would be a worldwide brand.

He told WWD: "40 years in, to see men and women around the world wearing my designs - in a million years, I never dreamed. Toronto was my idea of a foreign city. But, of course, at the time, I thought 30 was old. So it's all relative."

Kors and his husband Lance LePere have spent the summer “revenge traveling,” in Greece and Italy and attending live shows in New York to make up for the COVID-19 lockdown last year.

He said: "We're doing it all. We've seen ‘Springsteen on Broadway,' which was spectacular and exciting to see him back, and we did Shakespeare in the Park just the other night. It's a precarious time, but I think there's real pent-up excitement and desire to be together, communal. Community — [shows] are all about that, fashion's all about that. I know women who are just excited to be able to put on a pair of heels and get out and get dressed."

Michael recently celebrated his milestone 40 years in the industry with a dinner co-hosted by Lizzie Tisch and Naomi Watts.

Tisch said: "He's highly enjoyable. The fact that he's been in business - specifically that business - for 40 years is quite an accomplishment."