Michael Keaton is back in action with a new film on the way entitled Birdman, which actually looks as strange as it sounds. But from the trailer Birdman also looks to be one of the most interesting and exciting movies of the year so far. It’s a black comedy which centers around an actor, once famous for playing a superhero, who now finds himself trying to rebuild his career. The trailer has just been released and while it doesn't give too much away it did leave us with plenty of talking points as we eagerly await its release this October.

birdman michael keaton Michael Keaton plays a former superhero in Birdman

1. This movie is crazy!

Birdman might just be 2014’s most bonkers movie and there’s no sense in hiding it. As Gnarls Barkley’s 'Crazy' plays and we see out first glimpse of Michael Keaton in a curly wig, we can't help but feel we’re about to witness something utterly brilliant.

2. That bird

There's a giant scary looking bird atop a building during one scene and it appears just after Keaton seemingly creates an explosion with the click of his fingers. What exactly is going on here and how much of this is taking place inside the mind of the former superhero? So many questions too few answers.

3. Emma Stone!

Yes! Our new favourite actress Emma Stone is here and she’s playing Keaton’s daughter.

Watch the trailer for Birdman here:

4. Keaton’s in his pants

In one seen we see Keaton walking down a crowded street in nothing but his underpants. Amazingly this wont be the only time we see a man sans trousers during the just over one and a half minute clip.

5. Real life parallels?

So Keaton is playing an actor who’s best known as a superhero called Birdman. Interesting because for those of us of a certain age Michael Keaton was our Batman long before Christian Bale. How much of the movie might ring true for Keaton? We’re not sure, but in the scene where he smashes a framed Birdman 3 poster, his costumed image is very reminiscent of Keaton in his Batman days. So much so we had to pause to get a closer look.

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6. Zach Galifianakis! Naomi Watts!

Alongside Keaton and Stone we also have Zach Galifianakis and Naomi Watts in supporting roles. It’s going to be pretty hard to make this cast even better.

birdmanA very, very scary bird

7. Edward Norton!

Okay, they did it, we were excited enough with Keaton. Stone, Watts and Galifianakis, but now we’re getting Edward Norton and he’s in his underpants! Yes in a scene which is bizarrely perfect Michael Keaton punches Edward Norton in the face before the former Hulk takes him down and attempts a choke hold. Whoever dreamt up this scene, we love you.

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8. Birdman is a comedy

While the trailer makes it seem pretty dark, Birdman is actually a black comedy. So if you're finding the trailer a bit of an uneasy watch it’s ok you’re supposed to and we guess your meant to be a little weirded out as well.

9. This is a gorgeous film

Babel’s Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is behind the camera for Birdman and the director has created what looks like a visually stunning film. Beyond the cast and the intriguing story Birdman looks beautifully made, with Inarritu making great use of the vibrant New York backdrop.

Birdman It's Keaton v Norton in Birdman

10. Could this be Keaton’s ticket back?

Michael Keaton has never been nominated for an Oscar, but Birdman could give him his best chance of Academy recognition yet. There’s a chance that Birdman could do for Keaton what The Wrestler did for Mickey Rourke after al,l the two films seem to have more than a few similarities. Could Birdman be 2015’s Oscar underdog? Perhaps, but we’ll have to wait until October 17th when Birdman hits theatres to really gauge its award season chances.