Maybe Michael Keaton hadn't checked the bookmakers odds for a while. The veteran Hollywood star had long been considered the favourite to win best actor at the Oscars for his stellar turn in Birdman, though around the turn of the year, Eddie Redmayne was being strongly backed to win.

Michael KeatonMaybe Michael Keaton was certain he was going to win Best Actor at the Oscars

With just days to go before the Academy Awards, the British actor was the comfortable favourite to win the Oscar for his performance as Dr Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything and it was really no surprise when his name was read out by Cate Blanchett. Or maybe it was to Keaton.

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In a moment reminiscent of the time Bart Simpson pin-pointed the moment that Ralph Wiggum's heart was ripped out, some Vine-user has singled out the point in which Keaton decides it's time to put his acceptance speech back into his breast pocket. 

Fortunately for Keaton, Birdman took home the evening's main prize for Best Picture, while Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu won Best Director.

"This has been a tremendous experience," Keaton said on-stage.

"These guys are as bold as bold could be, it was just a tremendous honour for me - look, it's great to be here who am I kidding, this is just great fun, thank you very much."

Birdman took home four Oscars in total, equalling The Grand Budapest Hotel's haul. Whiplash finished with three awards, including Best Supporting Actor for the unrivalled J.K Simmons. 

Elsewhere, Julianne Moore won Best Actress for Still Alice, Patricia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood and Big Hero 6 won Best Animated Feature. 

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