Michael Jordan has moved as swiftly as he ever did on the basketball court to ask a Georgia court to dismiss a lawsuit against him that claims he’s the father of 48 year-old Pamela Y. Smith’s son.

The case has emerged in the last couple of days, that Smith is claiming Jordan is the father of her 16 year-old child following an apparent affair back in the 90’s – Jordan’s playing pomp. In more than one way, clearly. However, Jordan has written to the Fulton County court to claim that he is not the child’s father, and has in fact filed a counterclaim against Smith for what he believes are false claims made against him, according to Fox News. In the claim, Jordan says that the identity of the child’s father has already been established thanks to divorce proceedings between Smith and her ex-husband, he has also added that the claim is "shameless, bad faith attempt to abuse the legal system."

Michael Jordan

The basketball legend insists he's not the father

Yet according to TMZ, it wasn’t Smith’s intention to sue at all; apparently she’s comfortably financially and has a good relationship with Jordan. However the suit filed came after her son – and Michael’s potential child – Grant Reynolds begged her to push it, so desperate was he to be recognized as the son of Jordan. Apparently Reynolds and Jordan have met a few times, and the star has given the family gifts from time to time, though has done it secretly. Two very conflicting stories.