Officials in Los Angeles are warning Michael Jackson fans to stay away from the city on the day of the star's memorial service - because they will face a hardline response from the police if they attempt to get near the event without a ticket.
More than 1.6 million devotees entered the online ballot to attend the ceremony, which will be held at L.A.'s Staples Center on Tuesday (07Jul09) - but only 17,500 were successful.
Police in the area fear thousands of fans will flock to the city on the day of the event in a bid to pay their respects to the late King of Pop.
Officials are urging mourners to stay home and watch the event on television, because there will be no screens erected outside the venue and police plan to set up a cordon around the arena to make sure no one gets anywhere near the building without proper authorisation.
Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Jim MCDonnell insists Jackson fans will get no sympathy from officers, who fear the crowds could turn violent.
He tells Sky News, "Anybody who does not hold proper credentials, tickets to get in to the event, will not be allowed inside the security zone. So for those who are thinking about coming out and maybe getting a shot to get in, that won't happen.
"You will be standing in the hot sun on a city street with a lot of other people and you probably will not even be within eyeshot of the Staples."
An LAPD source adds to British newspaper the Daily Star, "We may be overwhelmed. Our biggest fear is that it will all turn to violence if things aren't handled properly. Jackson had some very loyal fans and some very disturbed fans. We don't want to take any chances."
The lucky few who were allocated tickets will be provided with wristbands ahead of the event in a bid to stop touts cashing in.